No 1 About Project

You are forced to play this game : life

The discrepancy, the significant catalyzer factor which sparkplug civilization. I opened game fields in the movements of the cultural axes, from north to south, east to west, day by day increasingly rising and getting massive. Not from four ways but from the place where Evros exists, looking from the zero point.

Game Fields of Discrepancy

No 2 The Process

Designed visuals printed as stickers (transparent and non), cut and sticked on different papers (bristol, printed decor-paper etc.) , sometimes spray dye and watercolor implemented 2006-2015

No 3 Materials

  • Papers
  • Stickers
  • Spray dye
  • Watercolor

No 4 Testimony

“Every part of our life is a game field of discrepancy”

— Evrensel Urum (evros)

No 6 More Projects