No 1 About Project

The holyness is inside the unconcious

In art history everyone painted portraits from themselves or surroundings, I found people from google and painted. E-portraits are the first smaller size oil on canvas collection which is prior to The Holy Unconcious, bigger size and mixed media serie

The Holy Unconcious
The Holy Unconcious
The Holy Unconcious
The Holy Unconcious

No 2 The Process

I started google image search by typing random keys, like `nmklk` and searched images of portraits coming up, this is the secret of unconcious, 2005-2014

No 3 Materials

  • Canvas
  • Drill and Screw materials
  • Oil and Acrylic dye
  • Spray dye
  • Paper collage
  • Asemblage
  • Leds
  • Embroidery
  • Digital Art

No 4 Testimony

“There is only one path in life : to the unconcious”

— Evrensel Urum (evros)

No 6 More Projects